Kandula Consulting was setup to help organisations thrive through their people.

It was established by Cath Wallace in Australia in 2005.

In 2015, Cath returned to the UK and has worked on a number of large scale people programmes with organisations that have looked to deliver on their strategy, operate more effectively and introduce people solutions that would create engaged and productive teams.

With over 25 years experience in working with small and large organisations, across a multitude of industries and addressing many different challenges, Cath’s focus is always on ways to enhance the organisations health and the employee experience to create the people ecosystem that will deliver the greatest results.

“My contribution is to translate business challenges into practical people solutions. From this I guide, facilitate and implement solutions in collaboration with the business to move your business closer to your goals.”

Cath Wallace

Founder & Director, Kandula Consulting

Our Values

Kandula is named after an elephant that showed strength, loyalty, courage and companionship as he served as the mount for King Duttgamani in ancient times.

These are the values that Kandula work with.

Our connection with elephants goes beyond these values. Elephants thrive in their environment, and do this in a way that is relevant to the way that successful organisations operate.

Elephants thrive by creating strong teams, building communication capability and working within complex groups with many different relationships.

They achieve and survive by working together and supporting each other. I like to think that this is what I offer my clients, living the values of Kandula.


using my experience and skills to make a substantial difference



to my clients and partners, offering the best services I can


to take risks, be honest and drive for results


to those I work with, support and partner with, being there to listen and guide