Kandula Consulting

Org design consulting

We support organisations to future proof so they excel in rapidly changing business environments. To help with this, our focus is on the people aspects that create the ecosystem of any organisation.

Your people are one of the largest investments you make in your business. Hence, to maximise your ROI, it makes sense to consider what ecosystem is needed to enable an engaged and productive workforce .

We work with SME’s who are big enough to question whether they have the right setup in place to enable their people to thrive and deliver on their strategy.

Having worked in different businesses as a leader creating and managing change, our approach is unique and tailored to every organisation. This means we treat each client individually and adapt our approach and solutions to your particular situation. Our passion is working with leaders who have an appetite to design an organisation for the future. Naturally, we find it is their people who will make a fundamental difference to their business success.

Every org design consulting project will be phased. As a consequence, we only move from one stage to the next based on your particular requirements. Typical project stages tend to include Review, Design and Implement.

Every org design consulting project will be phased. We move from one stage to the next depending on your particular requirements. The stages tend to include Review, Design and Implement.


Tailored research and assessment to understand your organisation to identify areas that are working well and make recommendations for change.

Our review starts with our Organisational Health Checklist.



Depending what is needed we design everything from workshops to complex people programmes. This may include the design of new structures, engagement plans, wellbeing programmes, benefit programmes, HR policies, induction programmes or project plans.

Each project is unique to your business needs and strategy.


 Once we’ve identified what initiatives are most needed we work with you to implement new programmes, transfer skills and manage the change process to engage and embed new ways of working. 

We co-create the initiatives, leaving you with the skills and tools for the future.



Our org design consulting is based on the Kandula People Performance Model.

Depending on the challenges faced by your organisation, we may review all four components of the model, or just a single aspect.

There are 3 things that make us different to other consultants:

  1. Your success matters to us –  we like working with organisations where we can make a difference and leave you in a better place
  2. A unique approach – a background across different industries, different roles and different geographies means that every conversation with clients brings this together in a unique and practical way
  3. A mix of skills and a network of partners – if we identify a solution that requires new expertise, we have a network of partners with different offerings

Organisational Health Check

Is your organisation focusing on the best way to create a productive, flexible and connected workforce that’s aligned to your goals?

Our Health Check identifies areas where the answer is yes,
and others where the answer is not yet. Creating areas of focus that will give greatest return to handle the challenges you’re facing.

Together we agree the way the review happens. A light touch maybe the completion of a checklist. A more detailed review would include interviews, focus groups and a deeper dive into the organisation.

Design & Implement People Programmes

Changing business environments and delivering on your strategy is likely to mean that the way your people are set up to achieve will need to change.

We help with the design and implementation of these programmes

Whether you want to move to a new structure, introduce a performance management process, change your HR policies, build better ways to engage or create a wellbeing programme, we guide the design and implementation of these programmes.


Facilitate Directional Alignment

Your strategy may be clear but how well are your people engaged, motivated and aligned to it?

We facilitate an approach to define your goals, purpose and values and create programmes that will embed them in the organisation.

Our aim is to align your strategy and goals to the way people work  and to create Meaningful Connections

Leaders and managers have an important role to play in connecting their teams with the strategy. This may result in changes in leadership style.

Design Structures for Success

Whether you’re looking to grow the business or want to make it more efficient, we help you make the right decisions about the way you are structured.

Our approach is to design a way of working that creates value for the business and makes people feel valued by the business. We facilitate the design of a new structure that will best deliver on your strategy

Creating Valued Work takes into  account processes, workflow, communication, reward and skills.

Create Meaningful Connections

For your people to be effective, engaged and committed to your organisation there has to be a meaningful connection.

Most people want to work for an organisation where the Purpose connects. We work with you to assess how well this connection exists and what would resonate to create a meaningful employee experience through the employee lifecycle.

Creating more meaningful connections may come from embedding the values, supporting the community, changing your Diversity & Inclusion approach, creating Wellbeing and Health programmes, giving recognition and rewards or creating stronger teams.

Cement the Foundations

Every organisation has policies and processes that have developed over time. In addition you will have created a working environment and ways of working.

We align the processes, policies and ways of working with your strategy and culture. Any changes build on what’s in place and adjusting for the future.

The foundations for the organisation will be the HR policies and processes, the working environment, communication processes, approach to talent development and career progression. All play a part in making the organisation tick, now and for the future.