Restructuring Guide

Kandula Restructuring Guide

This restructuring guide provides a step-by-step approach to re-focus your business for a sustainable future.

Whether you’re resizing and reshaping all or part of your organisation, you will want to get it right. This means thinking about the long term impact of any changes, as well as short term gains.

The restructuring guide will show you a process to work through, which needn’t take too long. Hopefully, you’ll see that it’s possible to influence the future by shaping changes in the way the organisation is set up now.

Often an immediate solution to cost cutting challenges is to handpick people or teams to make redundant, and then retrofit a new structure. This approach may achieve short term gain, but it usually leads to long term pain.

My aim, with this guide, is to help leaders plan ahead and understand the implications of any resizing changes that are being introduced.

In addition, it can help you follow the HR processes to avoid tribunals, whilst retaining and developing those who remain.

The guide describes the 3 phases of moving to a new structure with confidence.

Design – Consult and Select – Transition

Whether you are looking to restructure a team, function, division or the whole organisation, take a look at the questions and use the activities as a checklist.

Are you ready to create an organisational structure for the future? I’d love to hear from you.

Also let me know if you would like further practical advice on moving through these 3 phases to reshape the future of your organisation.



Kandula Restructuring Guide

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