Kandula Consulting

Kandula Consulting supports organisations to future proof so they excel in rapidly changing business environments. Our focus is on the people aspects that create the ecosystem of any organisation.

Your people are one of the largest investments you make in your business, so it’s right to consider the ecosystem needed to set up an engaged and productive workforce to gain maximum ROI.

We work with SME’s who are big enough to question whether or not they have the right setup in place to enable their people to thrive and deliver on their strategy.

Having worked in different businesses as a leader creating and managing change, our approach is unique and tailored to every organisation. We treat each client individually and adapt our approach and solutions to your particular situation. My passion is working with organisations who have an appetite to design an organisation for the future, so people make a fundamental difference to business success.

Every project will be phased and we move from one stage to the next, depending on your particular requirements. The stages tend to include Review, Design and Implement.


Research and assessment, resulting in recommendations for further investigation and any quick wins



Resulting in quick wins ready for
implementation and creation of value solutions


Co-creation of new initiatives and solutions that set you up for the future